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Gas gate station


The natural gas from the medium pressure pipeline enters the pressure regulating device. Through the imported electric ball valve into the hot water circulation heater heating, Heat source provided by the station hot water boiler, heat gain after NG into the inlet manifold of the NG through ball valve into two way (a open case design) filter, measuring, regulating device, voltage regulator, adopting the monitoring structure in front of the equipped with overpressure automatic emergency cut-off valve, the pressure stability within the scope of the user requirements, then NG through ball valve into the manifold two, after voltage regulation of the natural gas by adding The odor and electric ball valve enter the gas transmission and distribution network, while the natural gas outlet is reserved to the gas boiler room interface.

The device is set in the inlet and outlet of the pressure and temperature field indication, in each group of pressure regulator before and after the pressure gauge, the device inlet and outlet is set with temperature and excitation sensor, and the filter on the differential pressure transmitter and combustible gas alarm signal together to form an alarm and chain system, control the start and stop of the electric ball valve, ensure that the system with gas ~. In the device, the key parts of the inlet and outlet of the voltage regulator are set up ~ release valve and manual vent valve to ensure the operation of the system ~. The vent valve is controlled by double valves of ball valve and cut-off vent valve. All the release and vent pipes are collected and dispersed through the flame arrester into the dispersion tower in the station. Drainage valve and sewage valve are arranged in the device, and the sewage valve is controlled by ball valve and valve sleeve type sewage valve. All the drainage valve and sewage valve are collected and connected to the sewage tank by sewage pipe.

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