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Wall-mounted gasifier


Hxd-b series LPG gasifier application scope and characteristics:

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is compressed from gaseous phase to liquid phase, transformed into gaseous phase through heat absorption and forced gasification, and then transported to users after pressure regulation by pipeline.

Hxd-b series LPG gasifier for electric water bath type, the liquid input into the gasifier, forced gasification by heat absorption, the liquid into gas, mainly used to replace the large pipe network of independent LIQUEFIED petroleum = gas gas supply website. Suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, heat treatment, spraying line, furnace, food, small and medium-sized restaurant catering, hotel heating and residential area centralized gas supply.

Main features of HXD-B series LPG gasifier:

1. Independent gas supply website, free from external influence.

2. Stable pressure, safe and reliable, not affected by external temperature.

3. Forced gasification can save gas source and reduce cost.

4. The heating system of the vaporizer is automatically controlled with high degree of automation.

5. Gas gasification equipment is tested and certified by Tianjin Technical Supervision Bureau.

6. Explosion-proof electrical products by the national petrochemical industry explosion-proof quality supervision and inspection center testing certification.

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